Family grieving after man presumably drowns in river

Family grieving after man presumably drowns in river

LULING, LA (WVUE) - Family members are praying for answers after their loved one presumably drowned in the Mississippi River during a workboat accident last month.

Jayme Swafford was on a 24-foot workboat with two other crew members when the vessel capsized, according to family members. They said two of the men were rescued, but Swafford never surfaced.

Coast Guard and Good Samaritan boats scoured the river for days looking for Swafford's body, but had to call off the search earlier this month.

"I lost my only son, and I can't sleep at night, I can't get him out of my mind, knowing he's in that water," said Carl Swafford.

Swafford is still visibly heartbroken and thinks his son should have never been working in the swift water conditions.

"My son shouldn't have never died, my son should still be here with me, but I won't have him again, I won't even have him to bury, that's what hurts the most, I can't get closure," Swafford said.

Now he's asking anyone who works on or near the river to keep an eye out in hopes of finding his son's body.

"I just pray, to God every day that he'll come up and someone will find him, that's all I'm asking for to bring my son back so I can bury him," Swafford said.

Jayme Swafford worked on the river as a crane operator for at least eight years according to his family. He leaves behind a young son.

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