LHSAA's Bonine explains last week's football decision

He shocked the Louisiana high school football community last week by abruptly voiding the select/non-select system that had been in place for three years, siting a violation in the LHSAAs constitution. Now, executive director Eddie Bonine believes the organization is at a bit of a standstill.

"Where we are as of today based on the opinion of our legal counsel it appears as though when we got into the split the first time that there were some concerns about the constitution, Bonine said. At this particularly juncture we are going to rectify that and look back at how we got there. Thats why I want to make sure what we do now is by the book."

Since that announcement, Bonine has been listening to both opponents and proponents of the split.

"There are some concerns. I think the uncertainty of where we can and can't go, Bonine said. I worked with our parliamentary to make sure everything is in order again and our legal counsel and I think we'll get everything ironed out."

s what meetings like Thursday were for. To get those issues out in the open before the big convention. There, a vote will likely take place and several options are available like furthering the split to all sports, dividing teams among rural and metro or possibly even returning to the old five classifications with both private and public schools merged back together.

"Does the split of all the schools have a chance? Absolutely. Does going back to the way it was have a chance? Yes/no, it just depends on where we are. So I think they all have their own merit."