Wild intruders causing problems for Lakeview neighbors

Wild intruders causing problems for Lakeview neighbors

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Lakeview neighbors are dealing with unusual break-ins, and the intruders are making themselves right at home.

"We saw that this door was open like this, and I always close this door, so it must have just - the door was closed, a little bit, and it pushed this door open," said Lakeview homeowner Brian Corcoran.

That was Monday night.

"Oh I was freaking out. I didn't know what to do, it was huge," Corcoran said.

On Tuesday night, another surprise - only this time, a different raccoon.

And Corcoran's not alone. We spoke with a local wildlife removal specialist who said he got three calls just this week from homeowners in Lakeview with raccoon problems.

"This is the beginning of when things will start ramping up as they're mating, looking for places to have their young. And when we get these cold snaps, that encourages them to look for these holes and cracks and crevices in houses to open them up and move on in," said Charles Parker with Parker Wildlife Control.

With more cold weather on the way, Parker expects the phone to keep ringing.

"Not only will the raccoon calls increase, the squirrels, all the animals generally start looking to go into these warm spots they already know where these holes are in these houses, so when the cold snaps come they run for cover," Parker said.

As for Corcoran and his family, they were able to get both of the raccoons out of their house on their own. The raccoons then made a run for it.

Parker said while raccoons are the problem for Lakeview, Gentilly and the City Park area, it's possums for Uptown residents and bats for homeowners in Harahan, River Ridge and New Orleans East.

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