Big Fish Report: Fishing and Football

Big Fish Report: Jim Henderson hits the river

(WVUE) - Fishing on at least one side of the Mississippi River has yet to see the effects of the river's high levels. Ironically enough, that one place is in the middle of the river's flow.

Delacroix fishing is strong right now.

With the New Orleans Saints season woefully cut short, Capt. C.T.  knew Jim Henderson, the Voice of the Saints, had some free time on his hands so he invited him along.  C.T. says Jim is as competent in his fishing skills as he is in his playoff predictions.

"You've got the Patriots going to Denver, where they haven't played particularly well in the past for Tom Brady," Henderson said. "I don't see Denver coming out of this with a victory. I think the Patriots advance. The other matchup I think is really intriguing. You've got a coach in Bruce Arians who is very much a gambler in Arizona, and so is Ron Rivera with the Panthers. I just kinda think this is the Panthers' year. So I see the Panthers and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and I think I see the Panthers win it."

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