Cop responds to basketball noise complaint with slam dunk

Cop responds to basketball noise complaint with slam dunk

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WVUE) - A police officer sent to investigate a basketball game that got too loud for one neighbor didn't lower the volume, but he did lower the rim.

Gainesville Police Officer Bobby White was dispatched to investigate a complaint of kids being too loud while playing basketball on the street. When he arrived on scene, White didn't break the game up, but joined in on the fun.

"We're going to let kids be kids," the GPD said in a statement released with the video. "So if you call GPD to complain about kids being kids, this is how Officer White is going to handle it."

A video of the game, captured by White's dash cam and posted to the Gainesville Police Department's Facebook page, quickly gained millions of views worldwide.

"We are proud to be able to be a positive light for law enforcement in today's view of officers," The GPD posted on their Facebook page. "Not all of us that wear the badge are perfect. Not even close. But we know there are thousands of officers around the country that are just like this. Thanks for the incredible support!"

The story doesn't end with just one game though. White was outnumbered, but the kids might not get off so easy next time.

"You going to be out here tomorrow?" White said. "I'll try to bring some back up. Maybe we can get a little game going."

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