Army Corps of Engineers begins closing Bonnet Carre Spillway

Corps begins closing Bonnet Carre Spillway

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Army Corps of Engineers has started closing bays, Monday on the Bonnet Carre Spillway. So far, 10 bays have been closed.

The closure of additional bays could come as early as Monday night since rain may be in the forecast Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Army Corps said it is better to work in dry weather.

The plan from here on out is to close an average of 25 bays per day. If there are no delays, the spillway would be fully closed as early as Feb. 2.

The Army Corps said its continuing to monitor the flow of the river. Crews do not want to put more water in the spillway than what is necessary.

Monday's closure has reduced the amount of water going through the spillway from 190,000 cubic feet per second to 170,000 cubic feet per second.

The process of opening the spillway began January 10. It was last opened in 2011.

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