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Canal Street building still not safe to enter after Wednesday's six-alarm blaze


The hollowed husk of a burned building on Canal Street is still not safe for firefighters to enter, according to officials on the scene this morning.

New Orleans Fire Department Superintendent Timothy McConnell said the fire department is in the ‘overhaul’ phase on the scene, where firefighters inspect the structure to look for hot spots.  But firefighters are not able to complete his phase because the building is not safe to enter.

City engineers will be at the scene later today to determine the stability of the structure, McConnell said.

“What we call overhaul so the debris has made it such that it's not safe for the firefighters to enter the building so at this point we're basically making sure it's completely out,” McConnell said. “Once we've done that we'll turn the building back over to the owners.”

McConnell said the owners will put up a wall to secure the sidewalk and the street in case there is a collapse.

The neutral ground, used as a parking lot for fire trucks and emergency vehicles, is clear. The sidewalk, flooded from water used to douse the fire, is now filled with debris.

Darren Denley, 25, is accused of setting the fire in a building alcove to stay warm. The fire soon spread throughout the building.

Nearly 100 firefighters battled the blaze for eight hours.

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