Lutcher junior QB Jontre Kirklin drawing more attention

Lutcher junior QB Jontre Kirklin drawing more attention

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Most coaches will tell you there's only so much time to celebrate a championship. Then it's back to work.

The same can be said about Lutcher quarterback Jontre Kirklin, who just over a month after leading his team to a 3A championship, is back on the field getting better.

"I worked out after the dome," Kirklin said. "I didn't stop. I went straight to basketball. I came out on the field every day."

Wednesday afternoon's session, in particular, came with some extra attention with scouts from Louisiana Tech in attendance. All of this just one day after Kirklin received an offer from LSU as an athlete.

"Now I know I have a lot of eyes on me," the junior quarterback said. "I've gotten one big offer from LSU. Louisiana Tech came and watched. North Carolina came down the week before last and watched me throw."

Lutcher's Offensive Coordinator Cory Bourgeois said that Kirklin and his family seemed down after he didn't get any early offers, but knew that persistence was key. "We just told him to be patient," Bourgeois said. "The biggest thing you can do is have a good season and have a good junior year."

Kirklin isn't naive to the fact that he may not be asked to play quarterback at the college level, depending on where he goes. He says in addition to working on improving his game at quarterback, he also spends time trying to improve his skills as a wide receiver or defensive back.

"The biggest guy I compare him to is probably a guy at LSU right now: Tre'Davious White," Bourgeois said. "They were the same type of quarterback in high school, about six feet and 170-something pounds. He'll probably transition to a defensive back."

However, after a title-winning season where Kirklin reduced his turnovers and threw more than 35 touchdowns in the air, don't rule out the possibility of him being a college quarterback. A huge five-touchdown game in the Class 3A championship game was a prime example of his potential.

"That's really what I wanted to do in the dome," Kirklin said. "I was mostly focusing on passing."

Bourgeois said that Kirklin isn't just a star in games, but on the practice field as well. "It starts in the summer and the off-season," Bourgeois said. "He comes out here every Sunday with some receivers and just wants to throw the football."

We're still more than a year away from Signing Day 2017, but for now, we know Kirklin will likely be a prized Louisiana recruit over the next 12 months.

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