Shoppers on edge after Kenner mall carjacking

Shoppers on edge after Kenner mall carjacking

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - A 68-year-old woman was left battered and bruised when her purse was snatched and car stolen at the Esplanade Mall. Even though police had the alleged attacker in custody minutes later, some shoppers say they still don't feel safe.

According to Lt. Brian McGregor with the Kenner Police Department, a 68-year-old woman was parking her car Tuesday afternoon when she noticed someone dropping off 18-year-old Donte Moore.

McGregor said Moore walked right up to the woman and snatched her purse.

"The purse was strapped around her arm," McGregor said. "He grabbed for the purse and she was fighting for her purse. He basically pulled her to the ground, at which time, the purse came off her shoulder."

The impact left her with a chipped bone in her elbow and abrasions on her wrists and legs according to McGregor.

Police say Moore then jumped into the woman's Nissan 370, laughing at her as she tried to get up off the ground. He wasn't laughing for long.

"(Officers) saw the vehicle in the 3000 block of Ohio and as soon as he saw the police, he tried to flee," McGregor said. "Obviously he was lost, and he ended up crashing into a fence right there by the Lincoln Manner Gym."

The quick arrest is a victory for the KPD, but some shoppers don't feel safe shopping in the area.

"I don't' feel safe going to any mall," said shopper Rae Gailey. "A parking lot in the mall is probably one of the most dangerous places there is. That's because they prey on people. They prey on somebody who is disabled or has a problem."

"Whenever you hear something like this, it puts fear into you." shopper Ivy Layerly said. "Maybe be a little bit more careful."

Kenner Police, though, say people should feel safe.

"I mean this is one particular incident from people who don't even live here," McGregor said. "These individuals came out here and he ended up getting caught."

Moore is charged with Carjacking, Purse Snatching, Simple Criminal Damage to Property, and Driving Without a License. He remains locked up on a $255,500 bond according to the KPD. They are still searching for the person who dropped him off at the mall.

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