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Peyton Manning jokes about his running threat

Source: Broncos website Source: Broncos website

Super Bowl week is upon the Bay Area of California and it got underway in full force Monday night with Media Day, which has been transformed into the NFL's "Opening Night."

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was the first to the podium to address a number of topics, including the possibly of his retirement, which he remained mum about. He did address the celebrations of his counterpart, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, "I promise you that if I run for a touchdown on Sunday, I will celebrate, I can assure you of that. I doubt I'll get to run that much on Sunday because of the 12-yard run I had against New England, there's a good chance Carolina may send someone to spy me, drop someone to defend me in the run, spy me - like they do other quarterbacks."

Manning followed up his tongue-in-cheek strategy rant with praise for Newton, "I think his passion, his enthusiasm for the game, I think it's great, I think it's good for football."

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