Split from LHSAA could be coming

Split from LHSAA could be coming

Riverside high school athletic director and head basketball coach Tim Byrd didn't pull any punches.

"I think, personally, this is the start of the demise of the association."

The association Byrd was referring to was the LHSAA. Last week, they voted to not only keep the select non-select playoff split in football but expand it to other sports as well. That further split could cause several schools to split away from the association and create a new one. In fact, Byrd said, it's not a matter of if, but when.

" There's a lot of powers that be on the select side that have decided once they decided to do this with other sports it's over with," Byrd said. "And, frankly, I think it's over. I think a lot of the public school administrators that don't want the select schools in the association, I think they are now going to get their wish. I think a new association is going to happen."

Byrd said meetings have already begun among certain power brokers to get a new association formed. He said it could come as early as next academic year. And contrary to popular belief, that new association would be open to every school who wants in, not just private, parochial and magnet institutions.

"I think it's a mistake to segregate. I think if there is a new association that's started and you segregate or discriminate and you don't allow everyone that wants to be in it, to be in it. Then you're just like what the LHSAA is all about right now and segregating schools."

But as Byrd put it, the 'great divide' in Louisiana athletics is already here.