Judge refuses to halt removal of Confederate statues

Judge refuses to halt removal of Confederate statues

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A judge denied a request for a preliminary injunction sought by those who oppose the removal of segregation era monument from New Orleans property.

Opponents suffered a defeat in federal court Friday, but later asked state Judge Piper Griffin to grant the injunction to prevent removal of the monuments.

Dec. 17, the city council declared the Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard and Liberty monuments as city nuisances.

But attorneys for opponent Pierre McGraw contend that the city did not follow its own nuisance law because there is new evidence that there was violence at three of the monuments, namely the Lee, Davis and Beauregard monuments. They admit there was violent demonstrations at the Liberty Monument.

Griffin said she did not find evidence that a constitutional right had been violated by the city's actions.

"Some would ask how the removal of a symbol is going to change these systems. We would say that the clarity of mind for human dignity, courage, fortitude, unification and the commitment to honoring humanity with the removal of these symbols of oppression is the same clarity of mind that is required to remove systems of oppression and replace them with systems that work harmoniously with the exploited and oppressed," Angela Kinlaw, of Take 'Em Down NOLA said

Opponents argue the monuments should not be removed until all legal challenges are exhausted.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and most city council members feel the monuments no longer represent what the city stands for.

Opponents say they are part of history.

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