Thousands pack Uptown parade route for Bacchus

Thousands pack Uptown parade route for Bacchus

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Thousands of people lined the Uptown parade route Sunday night for another super krewe. Bacchus rolled with a native New Orleanian turned movie star at it's helm.

In picture perfect weather, crowds hailed Bacchus on this Sunday of carnival. Anthony Mackie, who grew up in Gentilly, and is known for his heroic roles in a number of Marvel franchise films, led the parade made up of 31 signature floats with 1,430 riders.

"It's been overwhelming because he was a great kid and he's a great man so that's why Bacchus picked him, you know," carnival goer Bridget Gourrier said. 

To secure the best viewing spot, many showed up before the sun came up!

Braden Billot turned out at 4:30 a.m. saying, "You gotta get out here early, it's Mardi Gras."

Time spent waiting on the parade route isn't time wasted though.

"We walked down the street and caught some parades and I grilled and cooked and the kids were playing football and hanging out in the streets and making friends," Kerry Weilbaecher said.

Bacchus riders didn't disappoint, unloading goodies on the crowd. As one rider explains, the experience for them is unlike anything that can be described.

"It's pretty impressive to see the crowds be 30, 40 feet deep for miles so it's a pretty neat experience," Gwain Grillertta said.

The entire event, to just watch or partake in, is one that's quintessentially New Orleans.

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