Eli Manning responds to questions about Super Bowl celebration

Eli Manning responds to questions about Super Bowl celebration

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - When two NFL quarterbacks are brothers, playing in the league at the same time, you expect a little sibling rivalry.

And if you don't expect it, Eli Manning's reaction made it look like he was sour about the score of Super Bowl 50.

The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10. Peyton converted a two-point conversion to put the game away. The broadcast cut to the family during this defining moment. Everyone in the family was celebrating, except Eli.

Eli was the only Manning with two Super Bowl rings until last night. Peyton earned his second with the victory, in what was possibly his last NFL game.

So was he bitter? Of course not. New Orleans knows its first family of football is a tightly nit group.

Several days later, Eli cleared the whole thing up with TMZ Sports. He said he was trying to concentrate on the two-point conversion.

No matter what you think about the reaction, you can't argue the fact that the Mannings have four Super Bowl rings, and might end up with more.

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