Hagan's House: Cam Newton missed his chance

Hagan's House: Cam Newton missed his chance

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - No. I'm not referring to the Super Bowl game itself. As talented as Cam is and as long as the Panthers continue their trend of a hard-nosed, relentless defense, they could very well be playing on the last Sunday of the season again very soon.

Cam Newton missed his chance to close the book on his critics and show he's matured. The biggest knock on the 2010 Heisman trophy winner was always his attitude in the face of adversity. In previous seasons, when things weren't going his way, he'd throw his infamous towel over his head and pout on the sidelines and, at times, didn't take criticism well.

Many, myself included, thought those days were behind us. But then again, Carolina had just one loss entering Super Bowl 50, and it came after 14 wins. So we never truly had a chance to see how Cam reacted under negative circumstances. Then Sunday happened.

Newton had the chance to do what can be tougher than playing the quarterback position itself: Face the media and handle the good and the bad questions thrown his way. It's easier said than done. There are a lot of people who talk trash behind their keyboards and criticize Cam for something they couldn't handle either. But when you're the league MVP with commercials and all of the confidence when you win, it's equally important to handle the losses well, too.

Instead, Cam reverted back to his sulking ways: hoodie over the head with short answers before leaving the interview after a very brief visit with the media. Any progress made in the eyes of his critics and doubters (the ones he refers to in his headphones commercial) took a serious step in the wrong direction.

In fact, I'm actually a big fan of Cam's commercial where he says, "Too bad they don't make Band-Aids for feelings."

I think that's a message this world needs more of - but then again, so does Cam.

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