Wife of Rex creates parade magic

Wife of Rex creates parade magic

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - If ever you cease to love watching the floats in Rex, just look at the riders and be dazzled.

"I design the costumes for the floats," said Suzanne "Susu" Kearney. She has had the job of coordinating clothing with float themes for 40 years. Kearney is the wife of the King of Carnival this year, Michael Kearney. She also teaches  art at Trinity School.

"I usually get  sketches from April or May because of my teaching schedule. I like to do it as soon as I'm out of school and have the summer off."

Once she sketches out her ideas, they're passed on to the next stage of the creation.

"The people who make the costumes take it from here. They will do all the trim and everything else. It's a year-round job."

She  showed us designs with beautiful detail and bright fabrics.In the Kearney home, designs from years past decorate the walls.
"It's a lot of fun," she said.

She says its a whimsical way to express herself and there's always something new and exciting to see in the oldest parade of Carnival.

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