Queen of Carnival speaks Chinese and loves New Orleans

Meet Queen of Carnival 2016, Adelaide Goodyear

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Queen of Carnival is Adelaide Goodyear.  She's a junior at Yale University and is experiencing Carnival with fresh eyes.

"This is the first time i'm back for Mardi Gras since I was 13," she said.

Goodyear has traveled the world. She and her brother attended grade school in China and Australia, and high school in England.

"Every time we moved overseas, my parents brought the Rex throws," she said.

To say the 21-year-old is accomplished is an understatement. She speaks Chinese!

"Kuàilè de kuánghuan jié," she said. "That means Happy Mardi Gras."

She is studying geology at yale with a minor in art history.

"I am a guide at Yale art gallery and have my own tour about color," she said.

This year the color of Carnival will be her focus.

"The  city has  done a great job at coming back. It's amazing how young and creative it is. There's always something interesting going on - new shops and restaurants - and it's very self sustainable," she said

Her ball gown has a pattern that looks like Fleur de lis.

"But it's really a lotus from China," she said.

She chose flowers depicting places she's lived.

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