Pentagon sends more troops to stop Taliban advance

(WVUE/FOX) - The Pentagon sends a battalion of 500 soldiers to stop an advance by the Taliban in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.
  This after President Obama declared the end to operations in Afghanistan, a year ago.
   Last week, the outgoing U.S. Commander told lawmakers new rules of engagement restricting U.S. troops to only fight in self defense, hampers their efforts.  
"I think the Taliban know that we downsized and I think the Taliban understand that they couldn't gather in larger formations we have seen this year that they have taken advantage of the reduction of the number of coalition aircraft." said General John Campbell, U.S. Resolute Support Mission Commander.

Currently, there are 9800 U.S. troops in Afghanistan right now. 
That number is supposed to fall to 5500 by the end of this year.