Big Fish Report: Sheep head braving the cold

Big Fish Report: Sheep head braving the cold

DULARGE, LA (WVUE) - Windy, chilly weather can make most fishing a challenge, but one fish doesn't seem to mind the wintery conditions. In fact, it seems to thrive in the months other fish choose to hide!

Captain Tommy Pelican and I took a trip out of Dularge to find this polar bear fish. Twenty mile-per-house winds, biting wind chill, temperatures and water cold enough to chill a case of beer had little effect on our search for a box of sheep head.

Sheep head will stay in our marshes for the next couple of months. They'll likely start showing up in Lake Pontchartrain as the Mississippi River Water is cleaned out.

From now until April, it's sheep head season just about everywhere along the Louisiana cost, but you can find some especially good fishing in the Dularge area.

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