Men in their 90s say workouts keep them young

Going strong in their 90s

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - One of the keys to a long life is exercise. If you put in the hard work, you'll get results that keep you fit.

Inside the doors of one gym in Luling, Louisiana, there's a trio breaking a sweat and raising eyebrows.

One out of the three is James Coleman, a World War II veteran. At the age of 93, the mission for him these days is fitness. Although some might question Coleman's athletic ability, he has no problem telling them to back off.

"Don't tell me I can't do something because I'm 93. If I can't do it, I'll know I can't do it," Coleman said.

He isn't the only one hard at work in the gym about two to three times a week. When 93-year-old Ellis Verdin hits the gym, he lifts up to 60 pounds. The former marine said he does just about anything he can.

"I have to. If I don't, at my age, you'll get stiff to where you can't do anything," Verdin said. "I'm not hurting, why stop?"

Rounding out the exercising trio is Hurschel Burleigh. The 91-year-old says he feels much better when he goes to the gym. However working out isn't the only thing on his to-do list - he still holds a job.

"I've been an Avon representative for now what'll be almost 18 years," Burleigh said. He took over his wife's business after she passed since she loved it so much. Hurschel puts in more work in a day than most his age. At the end of every night, he winds down with a glass of red wine.

Owner of Anytime Fitness, Jennifer Perkins, said the workouts are very beneficial for them.

"It keeps them strong, it keeps them moving, it gives them endorphins, it keeps them happy and healthy," Perkins said.

Even in their 90s, all three have busy schedules.

"To have these guys at that age to do what they do, and they can talk about it, it's amazing," said fellow gym member Dennis Zerigue.

Trainers are nearby in case they need help, but for the most part, all three men like to work out by themselves.

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