RSD, charters promise stronger security measures following cheating allegations

RSD, charters promise stronger security measures following cheating allegations

The Recovery School District revealed new security measures following allegations of cheating on tests at Landry-Walker High School.
Charter schools have promised to double the effort of accountability.

Just a few days after an investigation by | The Times-Picayune, The Algiers Charter School Association placed four administrators, including the principal and two assistant principals of Landry-Walker on administrative leave as the state conducts an investigation into the alleged cheating scandal.

Charter school operators in metro area said Tuesday they are doubling down in an effort to bring accountability to their testing scores.

In the 2013-2014 school year, Landry-Walker posted scores in biology and geometry that raised some eyebrows, according to the investigation.

The following year, monitors were placed at the school and test scores plummeted.

Now the state is investigating the cheating claims, and criminal charges could follow.
Superintendent of the Recovery School District, Patrick Dobard, said they are beefing up the monitoring efforts to ensure fair testing is happening in their schools, including independent monitors during charter extension and renewal years.
The charter school operators want to increase their standards beyond what is required by the state.

"Charter leaders have decided that they also want to add another layer of what they already do by bringing in independent monitors and so what they're offering (Tuesday) is that they will bring in independent monitors as well as the current monitors they currently use to verify and make sure things are being done in a forthright way," Dobard said.

The charter schools said they will allow a third-party monitor to oversee their training on the state's test security policies as well as the additional monitors in the classroom during testing. They will make those findings public.

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