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Massachusetts woman uses lottery winnings to help homeless man

Glenn Williams Glenn Williams

  A Massachusetts woman used her scratch-off Lottery winnings to help a homeless man on the side of the road.
 Sofia Andrade won $200 from a $2 scratch off ticket.

 During her drive home she saw Glenn Williams, a homeless panhandling at a stop sign, in the bitter winter cold.
Instead of giving him change, she decided to drove him to a nearby coffee shop for a cup of coffee.
But she didn't stop there, after Williams told her the shelters had no beds available, Andrade put Williams up in a motel for the night.

 "I knew that the money never really belonged to me, that this money was meant to help him." said 
Sofia Andrade.

"It's emotional." Glenn Williams said as he wiped tears away, over-joyed by her generosity,
"I couldn't believe there's somebody like her. She deserves a lot of the credit for where I am right now."

 Andrade posted her experience on her Facebook page. When her story went viral, donations for Williams came pouring in. She also setup a go-fund-me account in Williams' name to help him get back on his feet.
 So far it raised over $11,000.

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