Judge rejects plea deal in drug, rape case against Darren Sharper

Judge rejects plea deal in drug, rape case against Darren Sharper

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A federal judge rejected former Saints player Darren Sharper's plea deal for the drugging and rape of multiple women in four states.

The court hearing Thursday morning took just a few minutes. The federal judge decided not to accept a plea agreement in the drug and sexual assault case against Sharper.

Court documents revealed more victims had come forward, claiming they had been drugged and raped by Sharper.

The judge said the pre-sentencing report showed as many as 16 alleged victims now across four states.

Sharper's original plea deal included in three counts of conspiracy to distribute narcotics with the intent to commit rape and federal prosecutors would see him serve a nine-year sentence.

The judge said, given the information of more alleged victims, she did not believe the current plea deal provided just punishment.

Sharper has already pleaded guilty in California, Nevada, Arizona and Louisiana.

Federal probation and parole is now recommending Sharper be sentenced to between 15 and 20 years. The judge pointed out she can go below or above that number.

Sharper has to make a decision about whether or not to withdraw his guilty plea.

Sharper's co-defendants, Brandon Licciardi and Erik Nunez, will be tried together. That court date is scheduled for May 16. It is unclear how a change in Sharper's plea deal could affect their trial.

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