Judge rejects plea deal in drug, rape case against Darren Sharper

Judge rejects plea deal in drug, rape case against Darren Sharper

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - After Darren Sharper pleaded guilty in four states to drugging and raping multiple women, New Orleans federal Judge Jane Triche Millazo rejected the plea deal.

"Right now, it looks like this whole thing has blown up, and whatever deals he thought he had, he doesn't have anymore," FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti said. "It doesn't surprise me that the Judge said, 'I don't want to do this.'"

The global deal included three counts of conspiracy to distribute narcotics with the intent to commit rape in New Orleans, and federal prosecutors agreed on a 10-year sentence.

The judge referenced a pre-sentence report that alleges there may have been as many as 16 victims.

"The 16 victims that the judge could be considering alluded to victims that he may not be charged with, or may never be charged with, but the judge can still consider it," Raspanti said.

The judge said she did not believe the current plea deal provided just punishment.

"Obviously, based upon what she's heard, the 10-year number wasn't good enough for her. That's why she kicked it back and said no," Raspanti said.

The sentencing guidelines call for 188 to 235 months. That's between 15 to 20 years.

"Federal sentencing guidelines are advisory, which means they are just what the commission says you should consider sentencing him. But she can go above or below it because she's a federal judge and she can do whatever she wants," Raspanti said.

Raspanti said Sharper now has a big decision to make, whether he'll change his plea and go ahead with a trial or continue on with a guilty plea and accept whatever sentence the judge gives him.

Meanwhile, Sharper has already pleaded guilty in California, Arizona and Nevada.

"Any sentence you get for any crime in any other jurisdiction stands alone. That judge sentences you for that crime in that jurisdiction," Raspanti said.

Raspanti said the final judge to sentence Sharper will decide whether he'll serve his time currently or consecutively.

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