Early voting underway in Louisiana for presidential primary

Early voting underway in Louisiana for presidential primary

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Early voting is underway in Louisiana for the presidential primary. It's an election, which one political analyst says, is critically important.

More than a thousand people filed into New Orleans City Hall Saturday, to cast an early ballot.

Voter Jay H. Banks explains, "I come on the first day because you never know what's going to happen, the dog may get out the yard, the washing machine might break, I might have a flat, something might happen that would prevent me from coming at a later time so I get it done as soon as I can get it done every time."

Polls are open for a week before the presidential primary is held here, March 5th.

"Louisiana is going to be a hot state to determine who goes, with momentum, into the next round of primaries," FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman said.

Louisiana isn't always a closely watched state but Sherman explains, "Sometimes by the time you get to Louisiana in a presidential primary, it's a fade out, whose going to be the nominee, this year it's very uncertain in both parties so Louisianans, your vote matters on March 5th."

Voting in this primary is a little different.

Sherman says, "In this election you can only vote if you're a member of the party so Louisianans, check your voter registration before going to vote."

Meaning, if you're not registered Republican or Democrat, you can't cast a ballot in this presidential primary. It's a unique rule, people we encountered, knew about, in fact, most say they thought long and hard about who'd earn their vote.

"Actually I've been paying attention and almost too much attention, to the dynamics that are leading up to this so and I think more than any moment in history, it's so important, this election," voter Wendy Washington said.

It's an ever changing election cycle with candidates continuously dropping out.

"On the Republican side for example you have a lot of candidates like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who have already withdrawn from the race but their name still appears on the ballot," Sherman stated.

It's why the political analyst says voters need to be educated before stepping into the voting booth.

There won't be any early voting Sunday but it'll pick back up Monday through next Saturday.

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