Man arrested in CBD vandalism spree

Man arrested in CBD vandalism spree

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans Police arrest a man that they say went on a vandalism spree in the Central Business District.

Officers arrested Nickalus Couch, 27, and booked him with simple battery and multiple counts of criminal damage.

Investigators say on February 21, around 9 p.m., Couch began damaging property in the 200 block of Baronne Street. They say he later went on to damage a vehicle in the 400 block of St. Charles Avenue, then one in the 700 block of Union Street.

Police say he then broke the side door window and removed the door handle of the Concentra Urgent Care Clinic located at 318 Baronne Street.

Investigators accuse him of damaging four more vehicles in the 300 block of Baronne Street before they say he walked to the 200 block where he broke the front window of a business and entered the building.

Police say Couch walked up to the second floor, ripped a closet door off of its hinges and knocked out the building's windows. Couch then threw objects from the building down on to a car causing damage.

Witnesses eventually helped police find Couch and he was arrested in the 300 block of Camp Street.

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