Laplace looters add insult to injury after tornado

Laplace looters add insult to injury after tornado

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - Edwina Williams is all too familiar with hard times.

"I just couldn't believe this was happening," she said. "I just got over, getting over Isaac. I went through Katrina. Now this."

On Tuesday afternoon, a tornado hit her home on Cambridge Drive in Laplace head-on, tearing off the roof and leaving her house in shambles.
She hid in her bedroom closet just to survive.

"I was scared," she said. "I really was. I really was afraid."

Williams stayed overnight at a nearby hotel, and as her house laid bare and broken, someone slipped in and robbed her.

"They stole a lot of stuff from me," she said. "They ransacked my bedroom, went through my closets, my drawers, threw my stuff on the floor. Clean clothes. And that made me angry. Devastation I can take, but for somebody to steal from me and they already see what I'm going through - I was angry about that."

Despite her misfortune, Williams said her outlook is positive because of the overwhelming support she's gotten from others. In much of Laplace where damage and destruction is hard to miss, most people greet you with a smile.

"We're helping each other," said Susan St. Pierre. "And that's the main thing. We're coming together as one happy family in this neighborhood.

St. Pierre woke up to the reality of her roof gone and extensive damage throughout her home and neighborhood. But while sifting through the rubble Wednesday, she too was greeted with compassion.

"My husband Dale works for the refinery, he works for Shell," St. Pierre said. "And we had at least 10 men who did not go to work and decided to come to help him, and that was extremely generous of them."

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