Deputies patrol darkened neighborhoods as Entergy works to restore power

Deputies patrol darkened neighborhoods as Entergy works to restore power

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - Deputies patrolled a devastated area in Laplace overnight as many were still without power in the wake of Tuesday's tornado.

Entergy crews on the ground said they expect to have power completely restored by Friday. They said 95 percent of customers would have power Thursday night, but that still means hundreds will remain in the dark as they try to recover.

In one subdivision in Laplace, crews were working to replace 28 broken power polls, 42 spans of wire and 10 transformers.  There were 285 crews on the ground from Entergy and from their partner companies who came to the area to help. Many linemen have been here since Tuesday when the tornado ripped through Laplace.

An Entergy spokesman asked customers to be patient with the process and try to give crews space to get the power back on.

"Keep clearance, try to make sure that your pathways and alleyways are clear so in the event that we get in the rear access of your property in order to service our facilities and repair our facilities, and we just want our customers to be safe above all things," Kerry Jones said.

Driving through the neighborhood you can see the huge work load these linemen are dealing with. But even when the power kicks back on, the recovery effort is going to take some time.

Nearly everywhere you look you can see those blue tarps going up on people's homes. And debris is piled up in much of the neighborhood.

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