Family holds on to hope after man critically injured by Convent tornado

Family holds on to hope after man critically injured by Convent tornado

CONVENT, LA (WVUE) - Some storm victims got their first look at what's left of their lives today, but for one family from Florida today's visit to the Sugar Hill RV Park meant so much more.

Luke Peters remains unconscious in the Hospital. The tornado that tore through the Sugar Hill RV Park tossed him over 100 yards from his home. His family rushed from Florida, through the storms, to be with Luke as he fights for his life.

"We have a long journey ahead of us," said Aleah Peters, Luke's sister. "This isn't going to be something that he comes back from, but we are very hopeful."

Luke Peters is still in critical condition, but is making progress. His sister says even the smallest steps in his recovery are big wins, but it's what she's seen from his neighbor that has given her the most hope.

"To come to this community and see what y'all have done for our family is just… It's unreal," Aleah Peters said. "You wake up and you think of a bad dream and you think this could never happen and then you come here and see something like this and you're just so grateful the efforts that these teams put together ... to save these people and do what they've done for us."­­­­

As the Peters family surveyed the damage left by the Feb. 23 tornado, they met the man who found Peter, possibly saving his life. Sgt. Dustin Jenkins was one of the first deputies on the scene, arriving only minutes after a tornado devoured the RV park.

Aleah Peters said Sgt. Jenkins rescued her brother, finding Luke barely alive in the middle of the chaos. To the Peters family, Sgt. Jenkins is a hero, but Jenkins doesn't see things the same way.

"I don't like to think of myself that way," Jenkins said. " I just do what I can to help them, that's what keeps us going day to day. It's a hard job to see it every day and then to come into these situations and do these things, but hearing how grateful families are when we do everything we can to help … it helps us out."

The Peters family said Luke is heavily sedated, but continuing to make progress in his recovery.

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