CT: Good fishing in Slidell's Lakeshore Estates

Big Fish Report: Fishing Lakeshore Estates

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - One great fishing spot worth trying this weekend may not be in your backyard, but it is just behind a lot of houses in Slidell. The canals in Lakeshore Estates are deep in many places and often home to a variety of fish.

Capt. Mike says while the weather may be a little different this year, the fishing pattern is basically the same.

"The bayous in all the deep turns where the ledges are seems to be the pattern I have relied on over the years," he said. "Each year something new, but that will be where I start first as far as looking for trout and redfish."

In Lakeshore Estates are some beautiful speckled trout - you just got to be a little patient.  It's certainly not bass fishing, but worth the time you spend.

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