Lost in the Storm: RV Park owner help rescue tornado victims' pets

Lost in the Storm

CONVENT, LA (WVUE) - The owner of the Sugar Hill RV Park that was devastated Tuesday by a tornado is taking in lost pets until they can be reunited with their owners.

He said as many as 30 animals have been rescued from the RV park in Convent. Mark Anderson, goes back each day hoping to rescue more pets.

"When they would try to see where their home was, so to speak, there was nothing there, it was blown away. They had a perception of, this is the spot I'm supposed to be," Anderson said. "A dog ran by and just jumped in my truck, first one I had, and then the police would catch some."

Anderson said more than 20 animals have been reunited with their owners. He's taking care of others who still need to find their families.

"It's a smile to bring on your face when you see an owner. The dogs are so, the owners are so excited after all the stuff that's happened, you know? It brings a smile to my face after all that we lost, the people we lost, you know what I mean? It's not a big thing to keep care of people's dogs, you know. It's like their family," Anderson said.

Anderson estimates about a dozen pets may still be missing and loose in the area. He plans to scan the animals he helped rescue to see if they are micro-chipped. If they are, that will help him find their owners.

For more information on missing pets, as well as the ones that were rescued, click here then scroll down on the "Poche Post" Facebook page and look for more on the "Sugar Hill RV Park Pet Rescue."

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