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Invaders shoot man, rob and burn 9th Ward home

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A Lower Ninth Ward man was in shock Monday after thieves broke into his home, shot him, duct-taped him and then set his house on fire.

He served four years in the Army, but nothing prepared the 62-year-old victim for the home invasion he experienced three days ago.

"I said there's too much noise in this house, and I looked toward the kitchen area," he said.

The victim confronted three masked intruders who immediately shot him in the arm.

"The force of what they fired on me, the floor was wet, and I slipped after it hit me, and I fell down, and they ran over, and duct -taped me," the victim said.

They then carried him to the back porch as they stole thousands of dollars worth of appliances and a vehicle.

"They stole a truck, a 2016 Ram truck," said the victim's daughter.

The intruders then set three fires.

"I'm angry. I'm very angry, sir. I don't know," the victim said.

The fire destroyed much of the two-year-old home and most of the property of the two adults and five children living inside.

"I lost everything, this was home to me," said the victim's daughter.

The victims believe the intruder may have picked the lock on the back door.

"They had to, because nothing is broken," said the daughter.

The entire ordeal lasted 45 minutes, with the victim making one request.

"Please save my life, let me live," he said. "I just want to be around my grandkids."

And that's what they did - even doubling back as the house went up in smoke.

"They left, came back, took me off the porch and put me in the grass," the victim said.

It's not often that a victim gives thanks to criminals who took so much.

"To whoever did this, thank you so much. I don't know what I do without him," said the victim's daughter.

The victim was shot in the arm by what appears to have been a powerful pellet or BB gun, and his injuries are superficial. He wants to thank the New Orleans Police Department and the Fire Department for a fast response of about three minutes. 

So far, there are no arrests in the case.

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