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New Orleans attorney's son accused of shaking, killing his infant

Justice Brown Jr. (Source: family photo) Justice Brown Jr. (Source: family photo)

Long-time New Orleans attorney Willard Brown said he received a chilling phone call Sunday afternoon from his son, 20-year-old Justice Brown.

“He was crying real bad. He said his baby was dead. He learned that the child died from someone who was at the house. He had gone to pick up his wife,” Willard Brown said.

Police now say Justice Brown murdered his 2-month-old, Justice Brown Jr. According to court documents, Brown gave a statement to police after they said he provided several versions of what happened.

The document states he "eventually admitted to shaking the two month old infant and that the infant fell to the floor. When the infant stopped crying, Mr. Brown Sr. placed the child back into the bed and left the residence."

The baby was found dead a few hours later.

“You’re talking about someone who right now mentally is not thinking about what you’re asking him. He’s just trying to respond to you. He’s filled with his own emotions,” Willard Brown said.

Willard Brown said his son was on medication at the time of the interview, plus, he believes as his son’s attorney, he should have been present when police talked to him.

“That’s the problem that I have. I say, why would you deny him access to his father, who is also his lawyer, when you know he’s in an emotional state? Why would you do that?” Willard Brown said.

The warrant, though, states that Brown was given the Miranda warning.

Court documents show the baby had visible injuries to his head and both sides of his rib cage.

Willard Brown doesn’t believe his son is guilty. He said on the day of the baby’s death, his son was in the house in the 5300 block of St. Anthony with two other people.

“I think you have to wait to hear. You have to wait and listen because I think as this thing unfolds you will find the truth,” Willard Brown said.

Justice Brown remains jailed on a $125,000 bond. His father said he will bond out soon.

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