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Race for the White House heats up ahead of LA primary

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump (FOX 8 Photo) Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump (FOX 8 Photo)

After a Super Tuesday of ballots and votes across the nation, FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman says the race for the White House is no longer a barn-burner.

“Folks called it the SEC primaries, and Super Tuesday delivered a blow like an SEC football match,” Sherman said about the biggest day of primaries so far in the election.

The big winners, according to Sherman, are Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, leaving Bernie Sanders in her wake with a majority of delegates; and Donald Trump, who proved huge poll numbers can translate into huge votes.

“Last night answered that in decisive fashion. Ted Cruz winning his home state of Texas and a couple of others does just enough to keep himself relevant and in the race. Marco Rubio's now on life support. For the Republican establishment, the question is can anything stop the juggernaut that is Donald Trump and his campaign,” Sherman said.

Now Trump is setting his sights on Hillary Clinton, who Sherman thinks quieted Sanders supporters on Super Tuesday.

“She has a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders, and I think last night she put to bed any theories that there was going to be an insurgency to her campaign,” Sherman said.

Sherman said at this point, both the Republican and Democratic nominations become a numbers game.

“Up until now, we've talked about which candidate has the momentum, but now we need to look at which candidate has the delegates. This becomes about arithmetic going forward, and Donald Trump jumps into a huge lead with about a quarter of the delegates cast,” Sherman said.

While mathematically it appears the front-runners, Clinton and Trump, are pulling away from the crowd, at least on the Republican side the fight continues in earnest this weekend as three major candidates, Trump, Rubio, and Cruz, plan campaign stops in the state on Friday. This means Louisiana’s vote will play a larger role than normal in the nominations.

“Louisiana certainly is a relevant state this year,” Sherman said. “I think we expect Hillary Clinton to put in a dominant performance this weekend, but on the Republican side, I think Donald Trump is going to try to continue the momentum he's got going. If Cruz or Rubio are going to do anything different and they're coming to our state to make that case, Saturday is a chance for Louisiana to try and change the momentum of the race,” Sherman said.

Marco Rubio will visit Baton Rouge on Friday, Ted Cruz will be on the North Shore at the Castine Center, and Donald Trump will make a whistle stop at the Lakefront Airport in New Orleans.

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