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FOX 8 viewer steps up for man in need

Bridges in his new chair. (FOX 8 Photo) Bridges in his new chair. (FOX 8 Photo)

A River Ridge woman is stepping up to help a man in need nearly 100 miles away.

Last month, we told you about Perry Bridges who had lost his only means of mobility after a flood. Bridges, 56, had to be rescued.

"When the flood came, it got a foot and a half of water over the motors, and shorted it out," Bridges said.

Shortly after our story aired, we heard from Lena Sparacio, who happened to have a heavy-duty wheelchair that she no longer needed.

"I'm paying this forward. We do for each other," said Sparacio.

Lena reached out, and Perry Bridges' brother and son, sprung into action. They picked up the wheelchair and brought it to the town of Tangipahoa, where Bridges has been largely bedridden. After a few adjustments, Bridges' new wheelchair works great.

"I love it, I love it. It's been a while since I've been out," Bridges said.

And Sparacio is happy, to make a difference.

"I appreciate the fact that you all are so much in the community and you let us know about this, and I'm happy I could do something for somebody," she said.

Now Bridges has the mobility he needs to get out and about.

"I appreciate it, thank the Lord, bless her for the chair. I sure appreciate it," he said.

He can now make it to the doctor and get outside to work with his dogs in his effort to live a better life. Bridges said the new wheelchair is an especially welcome gift, since he was not eligible for a new one through his personal insurance.

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