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Popular Mid-City businesses held up at gunpoint

Source: NOPD Source: NOPD

Two popular Mid-City businesses are robbed at gunpoint within three days of each other, and residents and fellow shop owners express concern as police try to figure out who's behind the robberies.

The NOPD released a surveillance image Wednesday of a man they say walked into Smoothie King on North Carrollton with a gun, held up the cashier and stole $500 Tuesday night.

Saturday morning around 11:40, a man shoved a gun at the cashier inside Baskin Robbins, just up the street, and made off with a couple hundred bucks cash.

“There’s nothing that I think that you could honestly do to prepare for that,” said Will Estes, the manager at Massey’s Outfitters,

Estes remembers when his store was one of the only things in operation along Carrollton near Bienville. As the area rises in popularity, so too have the crimes.

“It was one of those things before where if you're closing, it’s dark, watch out when you're leaving, but obviously it can happen at any point during that day that we're here,” Estes said.

“I just think they're a little more brazen because there’s not a lot of police, to police,” resident Ken Smith said.

In early February, a gunman held up the employees and customers inside a bakery on Oak Street. The terrifying ordeal, all caught on camera.

“We need more protection in the neighborhood and whether it's businesses or people's residences, we need more services here in the city,” resident Jasminne Navarre said.

Police haven't yet said if the gunman who committed the Baskin Robbins robbery is the same person who robbed Smoothie King. The thought of two different people targeting businesses here, with guns, is a scary thought for some.

“Like we're here, we could be robbed now, like, I hope not,” resident Rhina Kissee said.

Police have a surveillance image to work with so far, which is a pretty clear picture. Many in Mid-City hope the picture, will lead to an arrest.

Police say the man accused of robbing Baskin Robbins over the weekend pulled a gun from a backpack. The man they say is responsible for the Smoothie King robbery wore a messenger bag. If you know anything about who committed these crimes, call Crimestoppers.

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