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Pound Cake: (Source:Liz Reyes)Pound Cake: (Source:Liz Reyes)

Pound Cake: (Source:Liz Reyes)

It's National Pound Cake Day

Source: Flickr Commons Source: Flickr Commons
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If you love desserts, you're familiar with pound cake. Today, March 4, you have an extra reason to grab a slice of it because it is National Pound Cake Day. It's a decadent rich slice of cake that is a popular treat across the country .

Food historians say the name comes from the fact that the original  pound cake contained one pound each of butter, sugar, eggs and flour. The recipe dates back to the 1700s, but by the late 1800s bakers began to deviate from the original recipes and made a lighter version.

Today there are many variations of recipes with ingredients ranging from orange or lemon zest and liqueurs. Hundreds of years later it remains one of the nation's most popular cakes, in part because of the wide range of ways it can be served .

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