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DA won't pursue obscenity against mayor for urinating off Causeway Bridge

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The district attorney for St. Tammany Parish says his office will not pursue charges against Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere after it was discovered the parish lacks a law dealing with the issue of urinating in public.  

Villere was caught urinating off the Causeway Bridge in January. He said he was even unaware there is no law against public urination in the unincorporated parts of St. Tammany Parish. 

"I was just surprised there was no law on the books that covered that," Villere said. "I'm just glad to see that there seems to be closure to it."

Villere says he was riding with a friend across the Causeway Bridge one night in January when nature called. He says he battles with bladder issues so they pulled into a crossover, where Villere relieved himself. 

A Causeway Authority officer saw Villere urinating off the bridge and booked the mayor with obscenity, even after Villere called the officer' s superior twice.

District Attorney Warren Montgomery said Villere's actions on the Causeway Bridge did not rise to the degree of obscenity. Montgomery's decision comes two days before the Mandeville mayoral election. 

"I think people are looking for a change and looking for a leader," mayoral candidate Rick Danielson said.  

Danielson would only address Villere's mishap briefly. 

"I'm just thankful that the police officer that was involved that evening and the general manager who was involved did the right thing at that time and didn't lose their jobs," he said. "I have nothing else to say about the incident."     
Danielson quickly turned his attention to Saturday's election.  

"We've got Port Marigny on the horizon. That's a huge impact on the City of Mandeville and the surrounding area. That has to be done right," Danielson said. "We can't wait to react. Whether it's the Port Marigny project, an infrastructure issue or anything else, we have to be proactive. That's what the people of Mandeville expect. That's what the people of Mandeville are asking for."

Villere is asking Mandeville voters for another four years, despite his run-in.  

"We have some important issues that we will be moving forward with. One, of course, is Port Marigny, and the other thing is how to tackle the traffic situations here. I think we've had some good planning, some good conversation, and I think we'll end up with some good solutions for both of those in the future," Villere said. 

Montgomery sent a letter to the St. Tammany Parish Council telling them that if they want it to be illegal to urinate in public in unincorporated parts of the parish, they will have to create a new law. 

If a law is adopted, anyone urinating in public in St. Tammany would be charged with a misdemeanor. 

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