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Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary in New Orleans

Bill Clinton speaks to crowd at Ashé Powerhouse Theater (FOX 8 Photo) Bill Clinton speaks to crowd at Ashé Powerhouse Theater (FOX 8 Photo)
Bill Clinton speaks to crowd at Ashé Powerhouse Theater Bill Clinton speaks to crowd at Ashé Powerhouse Theater

President Bill Clinton visited the Ashe Powerhouse Theater on Friday to stump for his wife, Hillary Clinton, ahead of Louisiana’s primary vote this weekend.

The former president spoke to a crowd of about 400 people in the standing room-only theater, asking them to vote for his wife. He made remarks about families who’ve fallen victims to violence, and said his wife would do more to help every American citizen.

President Clinton took shots at a proposed wall at the U.S.-Mexico border. He said illegal immigration isn’t a major issue the country should focus on because the number of immigrants coming into the country has dwindled over the last decade. He said if Hillary was elected, she’d do more to embrace the country’s diversity, including Muslims, who he said have been vilified by some Republican candidates

“The overwhelming majority of them hate terror, hate violence, love this country and we need them to win the battle of the brains over the social media that is the poison creeping into what caused San Bernardino,” President Clinton said. “How are we gonna win there without our Muslim brothers and sisters helping us to put out their sides of the story?”

President Clinton said Hillary’s campaign would work to help young job-seekers trying to pay off college debt.

“It's time to end the practice of having student loans be the only loans in the entire country you cannot refinance. If you allowed that today - Hillary says let's do that - if you allowed that today, overnight 25 million young people would save $2,000 a piece,” President Clinton said.

He said Secretary Clinton would go one step further to help students achieve an education or job training without leaving school saddled with debt.

“She's got a program so that everybody that goes to a public college, or a historically black college and university, or any other private college that deals with first- and second-generation immigrants and other low-income Americans and has a reasonably low tuition, everyone should be able to go to one of those schools and graduate completely debt free. But we shouldn't forget that everyone who doesn't want to do that should have access to two years of high-quality skill training, so they can get a job that pays a good living,” President Clinton said.

President Clinton also spoke about the water issues in Flint, Michigan, telling voters his wife would do more to fix similar problems across the country while putting people to work.

“Hillary has a plan that says suppose we get rid of the Flints everywhere in America and give every child a future and if we do it we'll create a zillion jobs, nobody can export those jobs, they have to be done right here, fix the pipes for everybody, fix the infrastructure,” President Clinton said.

Hillary Clinton spent the day campaigning in Michigan. FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman thinks Clinton will make a strong showing in Louisiana’s primary.

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