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LaPlace storm victims worried about more severe weather

Home damaged in The Meadows neighborhood. (FOX 8 Photo) Home damaged in The Meadows neighborhood. (FOX 8 Photo)

Roofers in The Meadows Subdivision in Laplace are working around the clock to repair homes damaged during February’s tornado.

“It's gonna be quite a while, there's a lot of damage, a lot of homes got destroyed, or partially destroyed, it's gonna be around for a good while,” Richard Reyna, the General Manager for Triangle Roofing, said.

While some homes might be made whole soon, others won’t be fixed before Tuesday's expected heavy rain.

It’s got homeowners like Leonor and Harold Palma worried their house will get further damage.

“The men that are coming to check the house, they said you have to get out from this house because it's not good, you know especially the top,” Palma said, gesturing to the badly damaged roof.

The Palma’s home is completely covered by blue tarps and inside, the ceiling is beginning to cave in. It’s why they’ve moved all of their belongings out of the home, but they’re still nervous the impending weather could bring the roof down.

“Maybe they could come down," Palma said. "If it's raining, raining, raining, hard like it's gonna do tomorrow and this week, it's not good, but I'm so glad I took away everything, my house is empty. I put everything away and we're staying at our sister's house.”

Now all they can do is practice patience as the possibility of severe weather looms.

“We're scared about the ceiling because it still could come down a little more and a little more, it was not like that before, now it's very bad,” Palma said.

Roofing experts say you should cover holes in your roof with a tarp or felt and ask for a licensed contractor if you need help mitigating your property.

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