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Storm cleanup precautions are important

A truck braves a flooded road in Pearl River as flood water rises on March 13. (Photo by John Snell) A truck braves a flooded road in Pearl River as flood water rises on March 13. (Photo by John Snell)

This morning as thousands of families across the state are cleaning up the mess a flood leaves behind, there are health hazards to protect against as recovery.

Dr. Brobson Lutz says there are some of the dangers to protect against.

Keeping children and pets out of the affected area until the cleanup has been completed is important as is wearing rubber boots, rubber gloves and goggles.
Remove and discard items that can't be washed such as mattresses, carpeting, carpet padding, rugs upholstered furniture, stuffed animals, baby toys, pillows, foam rubber items, books and wall coverings.

Dr. Lutz advises that flooding victims should have waste-water system professionally inspected and serviced if you suspect damage.  Clean up clothes should be washed in hot water and detergent and those clothes should be washed separately from uncontaminated items.

Some of the biggest health risks come from eating or drinking anything contaminated by flood waters. This can cause diarrheal disease.

Practice good hygiene after contact with flood waters. Wash children's hands frequently do not allow children to play with toys that have been contaminated by flood water.

Some of the biggest injury hazards are power lines, and chemicals that may have leaked into the water.

Avoid exposure to flood waters if you have an open wound. Be alert and avoid contact with displaced animals, insects and reptiles.

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