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Residents see historic flooding in Pearl River

Shinglemill Road area (FOX 8 Photo) Shinglemill Road area (FOX 8 Photo)
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First residents took a soaking from heavy torrential rains, and now North Shore neighborhoods brace for more flooding. Last week's heavy rains increased the levels on rivers and pushed floodwater into nearby areas.

In the Shinglemill Road community with at least 100 homes, residents used small canoes and other vessels to get out to the main road after 4 to 5 feet of water rose in their area. Their homes are located near the Pearl River, which rose to a little over 19 feet this morning and is expected to rise and crest later in the evening to at least 21 feet.

Some residents like Stephen Livingston used cinder blocks over the weekend  to jack up his home as the water rose. He spent the night at another location but returned this morning to check on the status of it.

"If it comes up a foot, just another foot, that other trailer right behind me, they gonna get water too cause they didn't jack up  their home," Livingston said.

Pearl River Police Chief J.J Jennings said at least two homes took on waters there and three homes elsewhere in Pearl River. His big concern now is that drivers will take their vehicles through the flood water.

"We don't need people pushing any water into homes that don't have them either," Jennings said.

Pearl River Mayor David McQueen said the last time they saw equivalent flooding was in 1983. Back then, four homes took on water .

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