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Washington Parish residents grateful for sunshine as cleanup begins

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People in Washington Parish expressed relief that it was not raining Monday. The sunshine was seen as a blessing for residents in the Bogue Chitto Heights neighborhood just outside of Franklinton.

With the smelly floodwaters now receded, residents began sifting through their water-logged belongings. The fear of Friday’s strong wind and rain storms was evident even days later.

"I've lived here for years and I saw the water coming. They was telling me it's in the curb, and I said 'well we've got 10 minutes.' So we lifted what we could and got out as quickly as we could,” Cindy Smith said.

Smith’s neighbor, Ouida Givens, said most of the water finally drained out of her trailer Sunday, so Monday allowed for the tearing out of soaked flooring.

"Right now I'm staying with a good friend, but you can see you know I done tore out my flooding, my pump shed is right there, so it was pretty bad, everybody except two people got water,” Givens said.

"In my mother home it's up to the counter and the sink, and it's halfway or better of the stove in the big trailer, and it turned the refrigerator over and everything in there. Washed the TV off the TV stand and everything,” Givens said.

With so much cleanup yet to be done, volunteers from a local junior high school were delivering cleaning supplies and toiletries to flood victims.

"We're giving different cleaning supplies. We have a donation center set up, but a lot of the people aren't able to get there because they're worried about cleaning, so we decided to load some stuff up and come around and bring it to them. A lot of cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items,” said Amber Painter.

Unfortunately, residents are also concerned about looters, so many of them are staying close to home, even though after the flooding the conditions are less than ideal.

Washington Parish Emergency Preparedeness Director Tommy Thiebaud said Monday afternoon that 42 parish roads were damaged during the stormy weather. He said fortunately there were no fatalities and no injuries had been reported. 

Parish leaders ask people who have not yet reported storm damage to call (985) 839-0434.

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