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Tuesday Update: Flooding remains a concern along I-10

(Source: WVUE) (Source: WVUE)

Flooding on I-10 remains a concern this morning for Louisiana State Police. As of this morning, there is no water on the interstate, but it's creeping closer. 
Orange construction cones line the shoulder of I-10.  Also high water and caution signs are posted both east and westbound.

Fox 8 Morning edition anchor Shelly Brown reports her observations from the scene along I-10.

Traveling eastbound the floodwater are just a few feet from the shoulder. But coming back westbound, it appeared to us to be dangerously close; by one estimate, maybe six to eight feet.

The Louisiana side of the Pearl River looks to be more impacted. We never saw floodwater off the shoulder of I-10 in Mississippi.

This area is just a few hundred feet away from the Pearl River homes have been inundated with water. People who live here tried desperately from keeping the water from taking over their homes, some used sandbags to build a barricade around their homes, other residents put their furniture on cinder blocks hoping to minimize the damage.

Flooding victim Melissa Keicher is hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

“It just keeps coming, I mean it won't stop, Keicher said.

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