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STPSO: If you drive through flood, prepare to pay

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Source: Louisiana State Police Source: Louisiana State Police

Drivers speeding through flooded roads in St. Tammany Parish will be fined, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.

Since the beginning of the March floods, the Sheriff’s Office had been asking drivers to proceed slowly and cautiously through areas of high water in order to avoid pushing floodwater into homes and businesses. Driving at even a moderate speed through standing water will cause a wake to be formed, which has the ability to affect structures a significant distance away from the vehicle. Some trucks and larger vehicles can create such a wake even at idle speeds.

A parish ordinances prohibits operation of vehicles or watercraft upon flooded streets “in a manner which endangers or may likely endanger a person(s) or property thereon or in proximity thereto.” 

Sheriff’s deputies have now begun stopping and citing drivers ignoring requests to drive slowly through these affected areas. The penalties for violation are not less than $300 nor more than $500.

Deputies will continue to cite drivers for violation of this ordinance until the floodwaters completely subside from flooded streets.

Drivers are also reminded that they can be held civilly liable for any damages to a business or residence caused by their actions while driving through floodwater.

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