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What a face! Mandrills on display at the Audubon Zoo

Source: John Snell Source: John Snell

The Audubon Zoo recently added a pair of crowd-pleasers, a pair of colorful mandrills that have taken up residence in The World of Primates area.

Mapema, a 17-year-old male from the Bronx Zoo, and Jinx, a 13-year-old female from the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa, made their public debut this month in the old Orangutan exhibit across from the gorilla habitat.

The mandrill is considered a vulnerable species, largely due to hunting and loss of much of its rain forest habitat in Africa.

Audubon curators say that while mandrills spend much of their time on the ground, they can climb trees and do so to sleep. 

Their cheeks have "built-in pouches that are used to store food for later consumption," according to an Audubon Institute press release.

On average, males weigh 55 pounds and females weigh 25 pounds.

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