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Some Starks residents return to flooded homes by boat

(Source: Liz Koh/KPLC) (Source: Liz Koh/KPLC)
(Source: Liz Koh/KPLC) (Source: Liz Koh/KPLC)

In Starks, some residents with flooded homes are going back by boat to check the extent of the damage.

While the water is receding, for many, it's a grim scene.

Jason Clark is a lifelong resident. He lives off of Old River Road on McMahon Loop - about 2-3 miles from the Sabine River.

Most of the homes in his neighborhood are owned by his family members. He said  a couple of the homes have been here for 80 years and have never taken in water. But now, all of the homes in Clark's neighborhood are flooded.

"This is our home and it's never happened this bad," he said.

Clark has been building his home for the past 10 years, after Hurricane Rita destroyed his previous one.

"We moved in the night before Thanksgiving...(This past) Friday morning at 4 o'clock, I seen water in the yard and I knew I had to get the vehicles out. So roughly four months we lived in it and then the house has taken in water," he said.

Even though he's been rebuilding his house - and life - over the past 10 years, this isn't a dead end for him.

"I'm not going nowhere, but if it happens again, it might be different. But for now, I'm not going nowhere," Clark said.

Because this is home.

"I wouldn't go nowhere else. You can fish, hunt. We raised our kids here. There's a lot of people who do move and there's a lot of people who do stay. That's the only way I would want it. Myself, it's to stay," he said.

It'll be a while before Clark and his family can even return home but he's hopeful to start rebuilding his home from scratch - all over again.

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