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Slidell police are looking to identify a young calf found in the flood

(Source: Facebook/Slidell Police Department) (Source: Facebook/Slidell Police Department)

The Slidell Police are looking for public’s help. But this time, it’s a pleasant task.

According to the department’s Facebook page a calf was found struggling in the floodwater.

The following was posted on the page:

During the recent flood in eastern St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, several animals, both wild and domestic, were displaced and found themselves confused and struggling for life due to the rising flood waters.

Slidell Police Reserve Officer, Tommy Williams, was in the process of preparing his house to take on water. While doing so, Officer Williams saw a calf fighting for his life. The baby cow was exhausted, lethargic, and hanging on for dear life with the water swiftly rising. Officer Williams, and his wife Susan, got into a pirogue (small boat) and rescued the calf. The calf was so exhausted, he fell asleep inside the boat.

Officer Williams contacted the owner of Lewis Stables, Mr. Bobby Lewis, who agreed to temporarily take the calf and provide him shelter. Lewis Stables is also the location where the Slidell Police keep their two horses, Kaiden and Bear. During the past two days, Officer Williams and Officer Robert Crowell have been nursing the calf back to health by bottle feeding him. The calf is slowly regaining his energy and is expected to make a full recovery. Officer Williams, who has a small farm in Picayune, Mississippi, has committed to adopt the calf and will allow him to live out his life on the farm with other animals. Officer Williams has not yet named the baby cow, but is looking for suggestions from our Facebook followers!

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