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Who Dat Making Headlines: Michelle Obama sings Boyz II Men, LL Cool J retires, unretires in same day

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Time is winding down for the first family, but Michelle Obama isn't leaving without showing off her vocal skills first. The first lady stopped by South by Southwest Festival in Austin Wednesday to serve on a girl's education and empowerment panel. Queen Latifah served as moderator, with Missy Elliot, Diane Warren and actress Sophia Bush as guests. 

The women shared personal stories in front of a crowd followed by taking questions from the audience. 

Mrs. Obama did make two things clear though while reflecting on her past seven years - that's she not running for president and that "it's so hard to say goodbye."

She said "time is almost up" before belting out a line of the Boyz II Men hit " It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday."

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Obama says her two daughters is just one of the reasons she has no presidential aspirations.

Don't call it a comeback    

How many artists can retire, unretire and announce a new album in the same day?

LL Cool J did just that after going on a Twitter rant. But don't worry about going down his Twitter timeline to find the ranting tweets, the smooth guy erased them. 

He initially tweeted he was done with music writing, "Today I officially retired from music." However, it wasn't long after the rapper logged back on to announce his official unretirement with a brand new album on the way.

It is unclear when the new album will drop but the rapper is confident he'll "massacre the rap game."

The all-around superstar has had a lot of success with 14 albums on the Billboard charts. Earlier this year he received his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical

The golden ticket makes its way to Broadway and by that - we're talking Charlie and his pass to all things chocolate.

Producers of the musical "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" will transfer its London show to Broadway next year. The show will be directed by Tony Award winner Jack O'Brien.

Cast members and show dates have not been announced yet. The production is set for spring 2017. 

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