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Former teacher's arrest brings more alleged victims forward

Raymond Winzy, 34 (Source: Slidell Police) Raymond Winzy, 34 (Source: Slidell Police)

“Disgust” is what parents on the North Shore say they’re feeling after a high school girls basketball coach is accused of sleeping with a student in his classroom and getting nude photos and videos from several other students. Police said 34-year-old Raymond Winzy also taught at other schools on the North Shore and in the New Orleans area, and since his arrest, more potential victims have come forward.

“I got a phone call yesterday afternoon,” said parent Mikhael Morris. “It was an automated phone call from [principal] Mr. Percy.”

“I heard about it last night when the principal called and left a message on my phone,” said Bonnie Boudreaux.

Slidell High parents got a voicemail Thursday night, and on Friday afternoon, Slidell police released details about the investigation of Winzy.

“We have identified several students that Winzy was grooming,” said Police Chief Randy Smith.

Smith said Winzy lured female students currently enrolled at the high school by giving them food from locations off campus, and once he gained their trust, police said he would then entice the students by offering an exchange – higher grades for nude photos and videos. 

“In some cases, Winzy would start to fondle the young females, ask for nude photographs or explicit videos, and in some cases, Winzy had sex with one student multiple times inside of his classroom,” Smith said.

Detectives say a search warrant executed at Winzy's home and on his personal cell phone revealed inappropriate conversations through text and social media. Police said they found the nude photos and videos.

Another problem officers said they encountered were threats made to the alleged victims on social media.

“People that I guess like this coach or this teacher or didn't have a bad experience with him were saying that these kids were coming forward and lying,” one parent said. “But obviously there is evidence.”

Since his arrest on Wednesday, several people have come to Winzy's defense on Twitter. One supporter strongly questioned the investigation. Another demanded that he be freed from custody. Still another said Winzy is just not “that type of person.”

“I have a daughter the same as these kids and he was her teacher, and I met him and I'm just shocked - there's nothing else to say,” said Sarah McCall.

McCall described Winzy as a someone she trusted around her daughter before his arrest. Now, she and other parents are appalled by the fact police say there are several pictures of unidentified female students that were found on Winzy's phone.

“They absolutely need to come forward,” McCall said. “It's very concerning. This is a person that we trust with our kids all day, every day. And it's sad, very sad.”

Police urge any other potential victims to contact authorities.

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